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Raincoat / Assignment 5.2 C2B Design Project

image credit: Alesia Kazantceva / Unsplash

Objective: Design a Raincoat


Potential Features:

  • Water proof,

  • pockets / interior + exterior

  • zipper / buttons

  • hood / adjustable

  • long sleeves

  • inner lining

  • longer length / parka

  • breathable / ventilation


Differences in position and shape of burrow openings of black‑tailed prairie dogs create passive ventilation from wind energy by altering air pressure.



Functions: "As air flows across a surface, a gradient in flow speed forms, where air moves slower the closer it is to the surface. The prairie dog is able to take advantage of this gradient by building a mound with an elevated opening upwind and a mound with a lower opening downwind. Over the elevated opening, wind velocity is faster than it is over the lower opening, creating a local region of low pressure (following Bernoulli’s principle). The result of this difference in pressure between the two openings is one-way air flow through the burrow as air gets sucked into the lower opening and flows out the elevated one. This is the mechanism behind a Venturi tube."

  • Velocity decreases with height

  • Opening style create great pressure differences


Developing and creating a pattern that allows the inner liner to be breathable / by increasing and decreasing the areas where there is more movement.


This idea aligns with 2 of life's principles: resilient + locally attuned and responsive