• Lux

BCI - Session 3

Sept 05 2021

Bloom Island Park – Minneapolis, MN


Local Conditions

Cloudy skies

Mid 60s, windy


Seeing and sensing systems.

Be: Sensing surroundings with my eyes closed (10 min)

Contemplate: Observing systems (10 min)

Imagine: Applying a system in design (10 min)


Starting with a cloudy morning and bit chilly compared to the last two BCI sessions. I can hear the water subtly moving in small waves. Rhythmic noises of other creatures as well. Bikers and runners speeding their way through the trail behind me. Birds chirping above me in the trees. Bees buzzing around the flowers and plants surrounding the seating area. The air smells clean, usually near water that's not the case.

How many different systems can you observe at your natural spot?

  1. Processing Signals (birds)

  2. Sending Signals (birds, organisms)

  3. Distributing Energy (sun, water)

  4. Navigating through (water, birds, air, energy)

  5. Self replicate (flowers, plants)

  6. Transforming energy (bees)

  7. Maintain structural forces (trees, natural forces/wind)

  8. Adapting Behaviors or space (trees, branches)

  9. Move temporarily (bees, birds, smaller organisms)

  10. Regulate water storage

  11. Pollinate (bees)

  12. Protect from non living threats

  13. Capture or Absorb (leaves, plants)

  14. Self-Organize

How you might apply your observations about systems in a design?

  1. Communication (Processing + sending Signals) to understand the story and design intentionally.

  2. Providing Inspiration (Distributing Energy) to evoke newness in mundanity.

  3. Adapting as needed (Navigating through).

  4. Mirroring frameworks (Self replicate) for simplicity.

  5. Being inspired by (Transforming energy) to generate new ideas and innovation.

  6. Build your architectural system (Maintain structural forces) to ensure you know when you shift it.

  7. Have a flexible mindset (Adapting Behaviors or space)

  8. Try new things (Move temporarily) and take risks.

  9. Understand your workflow (Regulate water storage)

  10. Keep learning (Capture/Absorb + Self Organize) and store information, to use as needed.

Thanks for reading!