• Lux

BCI - Session 1

Sept 01 2021

St.Anthony Falls / Mississippi River – Minneapolis, MN


Local Conditions

Bright blue skies with scattered clouds

Mid 60s degrees to 70s, slightly windy


Learning to be aware of my surroundings in nature.

Be: Sensing surrounding with my eyes closed (10 min)

Contemplate: Observing with my eyes open and questioning (10 min)

Imagine: Being curious (10 min)


I walked across the bridge and found an area near the waterfall to sit and reflect. The sound of the waterfall is the primary noise I hear, along with birds chirping around me. I can hear subtle rhythmic noises of other creatures as well, but not entirely sure what specifically (similar to the sound of crickets in the evening). It feels serene and peaceful. With the two seasons in Minnesota (winter and construction), I hear some slightly intense construction work in the background (they are working on renovating a bridge that will completed in 2022). Winds are subtle and the sun is beaming.

As a look around, I see the force the of the waterfall, with the ridges and tides it forms towards the bottom. It creates a meandering pattern and the colors vary from deep blue, teal, swamp green, brown and white. Waters reflective properties mirrored with the sun, create sparkles and movement catching the eye. There are ducks lined up on a log floating in the water, beaks reaching in every so often. On the ground near around me, are lots of weeds, these beautiful light lavender florals sprouting with a sienna toned inner circle where the buds are woven so carefully. Ensuring there is enough space for each bud to grow and cover additional surface area. Neighboring these florals are more various green plants, some alive, some potentially dead? Patches of grass and dirt make up most of the ground encircling the green spaces. I notice some interesting and / or fascinating (from afar) bugs, moths and bees.

The closer I look at all of these living things, I’m starting to notice patterns. Cross hatching patterns in the center of the flower, an iridescent texture on the wings of a flying creature, stripes along the blades of grass and fuzzy textures on the leaves (hopefully it’s not poisonous?). I had a wonderful time exploring my senses with nature today. Looking forward to another BCI session. Thanks for reading!