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BCI — Reflecting on Biomimetic Design

image credit: unsplash / @pinewatt

December 9, 2021

Dallas, TX


Local Conditions

Cloudy skies

Mid 60s, cloudy


To find inspiration for the biomimetic design strategy project through functions / strategy.

Be: Sensing surroundings with my eyes closed (10 min)

Contemplate: Observing systems (10 min)

Imagine: Applying a system in design (10 min)


Nature is becoming more visible, from the first BCI session to now. As I'm thinking about the course and allowing myself to focus on how my surroundings can potentially help - the word "connection" keeps coming to mind. How does nature connect? How are the trees connected with all its parts and with other trees? How do they make space for each other in the same area and watch each other grow and flourish? Are they helping one another and why? How can so many different species / types coexist without failing?

Nature works around the challenges of human-made things (power lines, bridges, buildings, parks, etc.). In the same way, my goal of trying to come up with effective ways to help clients and designers work together - of course, there will always be obstacles. But how do we learn to work around them and make the process more flexible? Design is not linear, so why is the process?

As a move forward with how to apply bio-inspired strategies - I find a need to continue to look out for nature’s strategies and forms. I will need to do more research on how these biological methods work to better apply them to design.

Thanks for reading!