All images and design work are owned by Target Corporation. Designs are in collaboration with Target Creatives. 

Role: Product Designer, Print/Pattern, Curating Trend + Product Assortment Stories/Strategy

Spring Collection / March 2021

Print / Pattern Design

Fall Collection / October 2020 

Inspired by abstract animal prints, bold colors and tactile textures (crushed velvet, snakeskin). 

Wild Fable / August 2020 

This collection was focused around a minimal scandinavian print / pattern.  Designed with elements of tonal colors, corduroy fabric and color blocking.

Back to College / June 2020 

Back to College is a fun way to incorporate 90’s fashion trends. This collection demonstrates elements of bold colors, transparent and frosted finishes.  Seeking products that are functional and practical such as dongles, wall adapters and power strips for students going to college. 

Spring Festival Collection/ March 2020 

Festival Season is a way to connect, build experiences and relationships with others. This assortment demonstrates abstract bold prints, dried floral and a mixture of frosted + glossy finishes. 

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